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Thus, assimilation to palatal or velar place of articulation is not indicated, except between phonetic brackets. See PR 9. 1 for further description of nasal assimilation. The phoneme w triggers velarization of a nasal, rather than labialization. Therefore it is presented together with velar consonants rather than bilabial consonants in the consonant overview at the beginning of this chapter. The example below demonstrates that w patterns with the velar consonants. (60) a. b. m̩ =bààs-kì-k 1SG=want-exist-REAL ‘I want’ n̩=gèètʂʼù-kì-k 1SG=laugh-exist-REAL ‘I am laughing’ [ ʔm̩ bà k] [ ʔŋg ̩ èeʈ̀ ʂʼʊ̀ k ] 60 c.

E. cosubordinate verbs which have no aspectual and modal markers (although the tone on the verb stem indicates modal distinction to a degree). Medial verb forms are marked for switch-reference and medial verb clauses often form long chains. The language has verb-verb sequences which can be analysed as serial verb constructions; they differ morphologically from medial clause chains in that the first verb form consists of a bare stem, and functionally in that they present actions as a single event.

E. Diizi). In the 1970’s the first comparative wordlists were collected for all languages and Dizoid was set up as a separate group from Gimira, which was now limited to Benchnon varieties. e. they saw Dizoid as the first split-off from Proto-North-Omotic. In later classifications, its outlying position within North Omotic did not change, although the internal arrangements of other branches were refined and the little-known Mao languages were set apart as the first offshoot from Proto-Omotic. 32 Language tree after Fleming (1976).

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