J. L. E. Dreyer's A History of Astronomy from Thales to Kepler (2nd Edition) PDF

By J. L. E. Dreyer

A masterpiece of old perception and clinical accuracy, this is often the definitive paintings on Greek astronomy and the Copernican Revolution. starting with the traditional Egyptians, it levels from the Pythagoreans and Plato to medieval eu and Islamic cosmologies, concluding with detailed surveys of the works of Copernicus, Brahe, and Kepler.

Formerly titled: heritage of the Planetary structures from Thales to Kepler

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He wrote later: ‘There could be no doubt. I had circled the centre of the fall. ’ Everywhere, for a distance of more than 30 kilometres from the centre, was like a forest of ‘telegraph poles’, dead trees still standing, but their twigs and branches blown away. ‘The taiga has been practically destroyed by being completely flattened’, he recorded in his diary. ‘The trees lie in rows on the ground, without branches or bark, in the direction opposite to the centre of the fall. ’ 41 THE TUNGUSKA FIREBALL Figure 6: The forest of ‘telegraph poles’ as seen by Kulik.

There was another remarkable feature: within the central blasted area was a ring of upright trees, completely stripped of foliage. The fact that they had remained upright while all trees outside the ring had been flattened, Kulik thought, marked some kind of node or region of rest where air waves cancelled each other. There was also the evidence of fire; some of the trees were charred, but this evidence of burning was unusual: in a forest fire, trees are usually burnt on the lower part of their trunks, but these had been burnt uniformly and continuously.

In a detailed scientific article entitled ‘The Great Siberian Meteorite: An Account of the Most Remarkable Astronomical Event of the Twentieth Century’, in Scientific American (July 1928), Chas P. ’ After more than three-quarters of a century, these doomsday warnings remain ‘current’ – just swap the word ‘meteorite’ with ‘asteroid’. The second Tunguska expedition In April 1928 Kulik left Leningrad on his second expedition to the Tunguska region. He was accompanied by his assistant V. Sytin, a hunter and zoologist.

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