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By Ferrar W.L.

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B) I approximated and found the closest match in the choices. (C) I factored 17 to get 17(98 1 2). (D) I guessed. (E) By none of the above methods. • If you chose B, you probably approximated 98 by 100 and got 1,700. • If you chose C, you factored out the 17 to get 17(98 1 2) 5 17(100) 5 1,700. This was the best strategy to use. • If you chose D, you probably didn’t know how to solve the problem and just guessed. • If you chose E, you did not use any of the methods above but used your own different method.

D) I guessed. (E) None of these. 11. The average height of three students is 68 inches. If two of the students have heights of 70 inches and 72 inches respectively, then what is the height (in inches) of the third student? 6. How did you get your answer? (A) I translated is to 5, what to a variable, of to 3, etc. Then I was able to set up an equation. (B) I just divided the two numbers and multiplied by 100 to get the percent. (C) I tried to remember how to work with is-of problems, putting the of over is or the is over of.

Then I divided my result by 3. (D) I guessed. (E) None of these. 29. The circle with center A and radius AB is inscribed in the square here. AB is extended to C. What is the ratio of AB to AC? (A) 2 (B) (A) 4x 3 2 4 (C) (B) 3x 4 2 21 2 (D) 25. If y8 5 4 and y7 5 3 , what is the value of y in terms x of x? (C) 4 x 5x + 8y 3 2 2 (E) None of these. indd 15 5/23/12 4:48 PM 16 • STRATEGY DIAGNOSTIC TEST FOR THE SAT 30. How did you get your answer? 34. How did you get your answer? (A) I approximated the solution.

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