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Reduce if necessary. 29 30 CliffsQuickReview Algebra I Example 25: Change to fractions. (a) 60% = 60⁄100 = 3⁄5 (b) 230% = 230⁄100 = 23⁄10 = 23⁄10 Finding the percent of a number To determine the percent of a number, change the percent to a fraction or decimal (whichever is easier for you) and multiply. Remember, the word of means multiply. Example 26: Find the percents of these numbers. 09 Other applications of percent Turn the question word-for-word into an equation. For what, substitute the letter x; for is, substitute an equal sign; for of, substitute a multiplication sign.

P x q = y Now simply multiply each side by y. p ` yj q = ` yj y yp q =x x Chapter 4: Equations, Ratios, and Proportions 47 Example 12: Solve this proportion for t. s is to t as r is to q Rewrite. s r t =q Cross multiply. sq = rt Divide both sides by r. sq rt r = r sq r =t Solving proportions for value Follow the procedures given in Examples 11 and 12 to solve for the unknown. Example 13: Solve for x. 4=2 x 5 Cross multiply. (4)(5) = 2x 20 = 2x Divide both sides by 2. 20 = 2x 2 2 10 = x 48 CliffsQuickReview Algebra I Chapter Checkout Q&A 1.

The rules for multiplying signed numbers hold here too. Chapter 2: Signed Numbers, Fractions, and Percents 23 Example 11: Cancel where possible and multiply. 1 1 #Y 2= 1 (a) 14 # 72 = Y 4 7 14 2 J 1 N J 1 N 3 O# K- Y 4 O =+ 1 (b) c - 83 m # c - 94 m = KK - Y O 6 YO K 9O K 82 O K Y L P L 3P Multiplying mixed numbers To multiply mixed numbers, first change any mixed number to an improper fraction. Then multiply as shown earlier in this chapter. Example 12: Multiply. 31⁄3 × 21⁄4 = 10⁄3 × 9⁄4 = 90⁄12 = 76⁄12 = 71⁄2 or 5 3 10 Y # 9 = 15 = 7 12 Y 3 Y 4 2 1 2 Change the answer, if in improper fraction form, back to a mixed number and reduce if necessary.

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