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The second level consists of sequential decomposition of these processes into procedures. Communication in VHDL is by signals which can be thought of as representing wires. Signals are also used for synchronisation in two ways; the first relies on a process’ sensitivity list, which ensures that the process will begin to execute when an event occurs on any signal named in the sensitivity list. The second way employs the wait statement, which suspends a process Existing Approaches 37 until it detects either the occurrence of an event on one of the specified signals or the presence of a specified condition.

Abstraction is extremely potent when coupled with inheritance and polymorphism; Proposed Approach 53 • inheritance allows objects to reuse data and behaviour defined by parent objects. An object only needs to be differentiated from its parents by either modifying or extending their behaviour. e. different objects may implement a function in different ways. Inheritance and polymorphism allow increasingly refined (less abstract) objects to be created and managed where changes are propagated in a controlled way; • encapsulation consists of separating the public interface of an object from its internal representation.

The mini specs are written as pseudo code and the data is described in a Backus-Naur Form notation. Figure 15 taken from [85] shows a data flow diagram for a display controller. Here the three processes are abstract and are subject to further decomposition. Existing Approaches 45 Copier Copier Pixels Copy Control Keyboard Copy Display 2 Characters Parse KB Characters Screen 1 Control Command String Main CPU Display Primitives Mouse Generate Bit Map 3 Pixel Pixel Address Bit Map Pixel Pos FIGURE 15.

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