An Outline of Cambodian Grammar by F.E. Huffman PDF

By F.E. Huffman

A vintage. skill to Cambodian what L.C. Thompson capacity to Vietnamese

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In painting, one plus one is not necessarily two. 2 If paintings could count, they would just say the number one over and over: each painting would insist on its own uniqueness, because no mark can be like any other, and no picture can duplicate another. ” A painting or drawing, on the other hand, always counts the number one. It is unique, and so is every WHAT PAINTING IS 45 mark on it. As every artist knows, a single brushmark can never be retrieved: if it is painted over, it is gone, and no matter how many times the same hand passes over the same inch of canvas, the mark can never be reproduced.

Ramanujan could have added, for instance, that 1729 is also the sum of 865 and 864 and the difference of their squares 748,225 and 746,496. Numbers unfold their peculiarities to people who think about them as individuals, instead of as anonymous markers on a notched line leading to infinity. Numerology can also be found in philosophy and the humanities, with their nearly mystical interest in twos and threes. The philosopher Hegel started that obsession by insisting that nature counts by adding a thesis to its antithesis, and subsuming both in a synthesis; and even today postmodern theorists shy away from “reductive dualities” and search for ideas that call for larger congregations of num bers.

To move farther into the alchemical state of mind, we have to move farther back down our own educations: first forgetting what little of college or high school chemistry we might remember, and then going back to elementary school and erasing the ground-level memory of classes in addition and subtraction. Alchemy and studio art exist, you might say, on the first-grade level: they depend on intuition and naiveté, and they are ruined by secure knowledge. 1 What it means is that painting depends on a sense of materials and numbers that could not survive even the simplest question from a second-grade teacher.

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