New PDF release: An outline of the Shilha (Berber) vernacular of Douiret

By Z. Gabsi.

The Tunisian Berber (or Shilha) vernaculars are one of the least defined Afroasiatic (Hamito-Semitic) languages to this present day. even though they've been provisionally assigned to the North-Berber team in the Berber department of Afroasiatic, their rapid association continues to be an open query. The critical activity of this current paintings is to explain the phonology, morphology and syntax of Douiret. much less principal to the goals of the research is the research of the elemental wordstores of the 3 surviving Shilha forms which come with Douiret, Chninni (or Chenini) and Ouirsighen (Jerba). The Shilha number of Douiret is selected for this research since it nonetheless keeps a few primary components of Berber constitution which aren't very multiple to different Berber languages corresponding to Kabyle and Tamazight. The examine exhibits that Tunisian Berber nonetheless survives at the present time, yet its destiny continues to be doubtful within the face of the forces of urbanisation, financial migration and shortage of presidency help all of that can give a contribution hypothetically to its most likely loss of life. This learn might be pursued on the subject of the social and cultural context of the Tunisian Berber vernaculars. examine at the nature of language touch bewtween Tunisian Arabic and Shilha is virtually non-existent and during this research, is a secondary challenge. The powerful effect of the neighborhood Arabic superstratum on Shilha in phonology, morphology, syntax and lexis is additionally investigated, in addition to the presence of Berber parts within the unique Arabic dialect of Tunisia. because the thesis name indicates, this examine shouldn't be taken because the final note on Berber in Tunisia. The little on hand facts on Berber in Tunisia makes the duty more durable in constructing a transparent photo of its constitution and dating with different Berber languages comparable to Kabyle and Tamazight.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (Education)

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8 Some of the important Phoenician ruins in Tunisia were discovered on the site of Kcrkouanc, located at the Cape Bon peninsula. According to Fantar ( 1987: 111) this city had an ancient name which was Tamezrat. The word Tamezrat is a Berber name which in Kabyle means 'pays. pays natal. ion' (Taifi 1991:448). 9 Julien ( 1970:332) discussed the Turkish influence by stating: In the Tunis Regency, a land of ancient civilisation, the Turks were gradually assimilated . It can be said that by the beginning of the nineteenth century the process was complete and the Husainid dynasty had become a Tunisian dynasty.

The medium of communication was Tunisian Arabic. French was also used, especially in complex sentences, for instance, when informants were asked to give a translation of a sentence such as Fr. je te la donne 'l give it to you'. All the interviews were simultaneously recorded in handwritten notes and on audiotapes allowing future rechecking of data. All recorded material was appropriately labelled with 40 Chapter 1 General Introduction the name of informant and the date and place of recording. The data was carefully checked with the assistance of a native speaker so as to prevent errors, particularly in recording phonetic phenomena.

He added that the immigration of Berbers from Algeria and Morocco under Almohads had considerable influence on the diversity of Berber dialects in Tunisia. A century ago, Douiri men used to live off the produce of their gardens 27 established on the side of small walls so as to get as much moisture as possible from the trickling water. They chose Arabs to look after their flocks and at times they joined them to get some milk or to bring home an animal. Today, many Douiri men have either migrated to Tunisia's north or to Europe.

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