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This booklet offers the paintings on aphasia popping out of the Institute for Aphasia and Stroke in Norway in the course of its 10 years of life. instead of reviewing formerly offered paintings, it was once my wish to provide a unified research and dialogue of our collected facts. The empirical foundation for the research is a reasonably large staff (249 sufferers) investigated with a regular, complete set of techniques. exams of language capabilities has to be constructed anew for every language, yet comparability of my findings with different contemporary compre­ hensive stories of aphasia is faciliated via shut parallels in try out meth­ ods (Chapter 2). The category approach used is presently the main permitted neurological approach, yet i've got operationalized it for examine reasons (Chapter 3). The analyses offered are according to the view that aphasia is a facet of a multidimensional disturbance of mind functionality. locate­ ings of linked disturbances and adaptations within the aphasic situation through the years were disregarded by way of a few as beside the point to the examine of aphasia as a language deficit. My view is this wealthy and complicated set of findings offers vital clues to the association of mind capabilities in people. I current analyses of the connection of aphasia to neuropsychological issues in conceptual association, reminiscence, visuospatial talents and apraxia (Chapters four, five, and 6), and that i learn the differences with time of the aphasic (Chapter 8).

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6. Intercorrelations and Factor Loading for the Main Variables" Intercorrelations 2 Variable Auditory comprehension Repetition Naming Reading comprehension Reading aloud Syntax Writing 3 4 5 6 7 Loading on Ist factor 89 68 85 84 72 57 65 80 57 78 47 58 75 78 61 62 77 63 69 62 64 65 82 91 88 89 75 80 "Decimal points are omitted throughout the table. 7. Relation to Background Variables Studies with the NCCEA (Benton, 1967) have indicated that age corrections should be employed for some aphasia variables, and the work of McGlone (see McGlone, 1980) indicates that aphasia may be less severe in females than in males.

7. Mean of Test Performance in Different Age Groups Age group Variable Words per min. s. s. s. s. s. s. s. 8 that there are few and unsystematic relationships between educational or professional Ievel and performance on the aphasia test. The results indicate that separate norms for different educational groups are not motivated. In the one case of a significant relationship (reading comprehension), the tendency was for subjects with higher education to have poorer reading comprehension. This is probably an accidental finding.

69) Here, the motivation of the neurological diagnostician to ignore information not pointing to the locus of the injury is clearly seen. Poeck (1983b) echoed the same opinion: lt cannot be denied that a certain number of vascular aphasias (approximately 15%) cannot be classified in terms of standard or nonstandard syndromes. The main reason, in our experience, is that the examination is done too early, prior to the establishment of a weil defined syndrome, or at the late stage of recovery, with or without the effects of speech therapy.

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