The Mind At Mischief by William S. Sadler PDF

By William S. Sadler

Tips and deceptions of the unconscious and the way to house them.

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Such questions include: 1 2 3 4 5 What process is at issue here? Under which conditions does this process develop? How does the research participant(s) think, feel and act while involved in this process? When, why and how does the process change? What are the consequences of the process? Line-by-line coding helps you to make decisions about what kinds of data you need to collect next. Thus, you begin to distil the data and frame your inquiry from very early in the data collection. Your line-by-line coding gives you leads to pursue.

To illustrate, you may identify an important process in your fifteenth interview. You can go back to your first respondents and see if that process explains events and experiences in 40 RETHINKING METHODS IN PSYCHOLOGY their lives or seek new respondents. Hence, your data collection becomes more focused as does your coding. Focused coding refers to taking earlier codes that continually reappear in your initial coding and using those codes to sift through large amounts of data. Thus, focused coding is less open-ended and more directed than line-by-line coding.

He does so because grounded theorists typically provide dispassionate, objectivist accounts of their data and assume that by being objective observers they will discover processes in an external world of their research participants that remains separate from themselves. Grounded theory works are empirical studies, whether their data sources are autobiographies, published accounts, public records, novels, intensive interviews, case-studies, participant observer field notes or personal journals. As a result, the empiricism inherent in grounded theory methods makes them less congenial to those postmodernists who advocate abandoning empirical research with thinking, feeling, acting human beings.

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